Back in 2008 I was in a local store in Ottawa, Canada looking to buy a specific product. After few minutes of search a gentleman from the store approached to help me out. I told him that I was looking for a converter plug. He promptly mentioned his store ran out of stock of that product and he offered to check online for any near by stores which might have. Eventually he found another near by store which might have it. He stepped out of his store to give me the directions to the store. This was back in 2008 when GPS maps weren’t doing great. I was so thankful of that moment. I just walked around couple of blocks and found what I needed.

Today, customers expect service at the highest level in all possible channels like phone, chat, web, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc.,

How such omni channel customer experience can be consistent?

Systems needs to be integrated. Right? With the advent of RPA for the back office and front office, there are multiple products in the market that could help you transform your front office and back office.

If you are to transform your customer experience your customer service should have hyper automation. Imagine a customer landing your agent desk where your agents are having ready information like

  1. What the customer is calling about?
  2. What is the customer’s mood because of the issue?
  3. What are the possible solutions?
  4. What are the upselling opportunities depending on the customer web footprints and other available information?

That’s a lot to do for an agent. This kind of information presentation and transformation is possible today with technology at your disposal.

All you need is the transformation agenda and the right team to guide you through success.  

Are you interested to transform your customer service agent desktop which can produce satisfied customers with a superior support experience and retention?

I have worked in high call volume call centre that supports variety of customer segments (individual customers, SMBs etc.,) I can say that there is no silver bullet solution to help an agent perform at their best. It should be tailored to the need of the process.

Some of the key challenges that comes up to my mind are:

  1. Not responding to customer queries on-time leading to low customer satisfaction
  2. Not being able to handle volume spikes
  3. Usage of too many tools at the agent desk
  4. Not being able to give a seamless experience to the customers through different channels of interactions
  5. Not being able to adapt to AI and advanced technology
  6. Not being able to take employee first approach to look at employee satisfaction as a potential KPI

Talk to us about your customer service challenges, we will bring in thought leadership, experience, our consultants and technology to help you give a superior customer experience through Agent Assist Technology, RPA and Cognitive AI.

Let us work together to unlock the potential of your customer service desk.