Amiseq is a disruptive, next generation IT service company that helps customer focus on their core business by becoming a partner that understand their company operations and delivers value by optimizing utilization of resources and reducing cost.

Global Presence

Amiseq has global locations with it’s headquarters located in Milpitas, California. Other locations are in Bracknell, UK and Dubai, UAE. The offshore development center and back-office services are in Pune, India.




Amiseq aims to be a leader in delivering transformational IT consulting services which helps customers achieve a competitive edge.


 is a group company focused on cyber security products with a strong presence in the EMEA region. Amiseq has recognized that to provide the best and most competitive offerings to customers, we must focus on our acknowledged areas of expertise. We manage all our services in a programmed manner and have a team of world class consultants with strong expertise to deliver on projects within our service offerings.

Cyber Security

We have many offerings from this division, such as Incognito, Halo, Symphony, TAS and Seat-Belt.

Big Data Analytics

We have focused solutions on marketing analytics, campaign analytics, customer 360 and pricing analytics.

IT Consulting/Resources

We provide professional resource services in the technology space and related domains.

Amiseq’s approach is based on leveraging service modules and quality processes to create customized services to meet individual requirements. We focus on standardization of processes, environments and delivery to achieve efficiencies and produce end-to-end quality.