With rapid evolution of technology, organizations need to implement and support new business applications with agility and business continuity, while simultaneously maintaining and upgrading their existing systems.

To manage this, companies seek to expand development capacity, accelerate time to market and build flexible distributed delivery models to negotiate risks. We at Amiseq can support these goals and alleviate the challenges for our clients through our consulting services.

Our focus – Banking and Financial Services

We help banking and financial services related companies optimize business processes and modernize technology solutions by allocating our highly skilled employees to assist them with their demands. Resulting in an exultant experience for both ends.

Skills we specialize in:

  • Duck creek Specialists
  • Sailpoint developers and architects
  • Mulesoft developers and Architects

The Amiseq team ensures that you have the best quality services and support on all your IT requirements. We believe that technology-enabled business innovation, the emergence of new disruptive technologies and business models, and the widespread acceptance of global delivery models are the key factors in today’s world. Amiseq embarks on these principles with the ever-changing technology world.

We commit ourselves to understand your IT goals and accordingly work to provide you the right services and resources within your budget

Consulting Augmentation Diagram
Fixed Cost

Amiseq designs, develops and implements custom solutions on a fixed price basis utilizing clearly defined methodologies that ensure the successful and timely completion of deliverables.

We develop project plans that outline specific target dates based on our experience performing similar project services. Given our track record of 100% on time, our clients take great confidence in executing contracts with Amiseq. 


T&M based engagement

The T&M engagement works best for our clients who want a flexible and agile project execution. The client plays a bigger role in the development of the software product or solution. This model works best when requirements change frequently and is generally used for product development projects.

We give our clients the choice to select the resources and only the actual time spent by the resource on the project is billed. This model allows great flexibility to augment the strength of the teams to meet steep deadlines or to infuse very specific talents into the project team.


Milestone/Deliverables based engagement

This is a unique ‘as we go’ approach from Amiseq. This approach exuberates our confidence in delivering complex projects where the client is financially committed to us in a phased manner and would compensate us for the completed milestones/deliverables only. Many clients turn to Amiseq to fill specific IT consulting needs for a project or to support maintenance of their internal operations. These are clearly defined deliverables/milestones with stringent deadlines.

We encapsulate the details in a mutually drawn statement of work covering the expected scope of work. We deliver these services through constant interaction and understanding of the requirements, which we maintain with many of our larger clients.


We strive to be the supplier of choice for the MSP programs at our clients. We provide consistent efforts to elevate the level of service while maintaining compliance with the policies set by the contingent program and client. We have a team that understands the processes of each program and has a great depth of experience working with various programs maintaining quality, timeliness, required metrics and 100% compliance throughout all programs.

Our recruitment process is well enabled by integrating top VMS platforms with internal tools, ATS & talent engagement sourcing processes. Our delivery teams are experienced in working with various VMS environments like Fieldglass, Wand, IQN, and Beeline.



Our FTE engagement model has been a success by virtue of the deep understanding of the technological landscape by the internal sourcing teams at Amiseq. The entire process of augmenting staff is very transparent, formal and streamlined – leading to a reduction in overall costs and better process management. We have an aggressive TOT to present the best technical resources for our clients.

Our applications outsourcing approach maintains client applications and technology infrastructure, including enterprise resource planning software, legacy systems, portals and middleware. In addition to bringing the necessary technical expertise, Amiseq integrates the industry’s best practices for business processes and organizational change, ensuring that each client’s business goals are in sync with application capabilities.

Our service-based contracts clearly define support and performance parameters, resulting in consistent service levels at fixed and predictable costs.