Amiseq offers leading and cutting-edge security services with specializations in SOC orchestration, defensive and offensive practices, infrastructure assessments, application security, and compliance. Proud to have a well-rounded and diverse clientele, Amiseq works with most large companies including power and utility, telco, O&G, retail, financial, media, travel, healthcare, government and defense organizations.

Full scope services:

Ability to service an entire spectrum of security needs. Experienced in full life-cycle enterprise risk management including the following:

  • IT infrastructure vulnerability assessments and penetration tests
  • Web and mobile application pen-test
  • Application source code and architecture review and/or remediation
  • Architecture and configuration security reviews
  • APT/phishing attacks
  • Identity and access management
  • Security development life-cycle training and review
  • PCI gap analysis, ASV scans, and compliance reports
  • Security policies, standards, and guidelines

Amiseq provides boutique cybersecurity consulting services for our customers in the offensive and defensive spaces. Amiseq, with its team of consultants, offers latest services in assessment, forensics, breach validation, incident response, security operations and more.



Fix Tomorrow's Threats Today!

HALO is the new standard in cybersecurity testing. A dedicated, ethical team of cybersecurity professionals drawn from four continents, combining red team, attack and penetration testing skills.



Grow Revenue, Not Resources

Today's concern for security products is around implementation and post-sales support. Our ability to conduct high- and low-level design, implementation and on-site support for a product is one of the critical success factors.



Virtual CISO

Your own virtual board-level resource available to your organization at a fraction of the cost. Amiseq gives you access to a team of cybersecurity experts with 20 years of front-line experience.



Appointment and Lead Generation Service

Amiseq’s Fusion brings to you best-in-class post-sales security services with a full range of consultancy and implementation services across all major security and IT infrastructure solutions and products in your enterprise environment.



Appointment and Lead Generation Service

Amiseq's Legion is aligned to security vendors as a business-to-business lead generation and appointment setting service staffed by highly experienced tele-sales experts, delivering qualified pipeline, allowing your organization to focus on closing business.

  • We provide unequaled technical services and strive to become a trusted adviser to our clients—a role that allows us to fully understand and help them achieve their business and security objectives. We go beyond off-the-shelf code scanning tools to perform gap analysis on information security policies and protocols, and we conduct in-depth analysis of information systems, software architecture, and source code by using the leading risk management security frameworks and focused threat models.
  • Your most formidable competitors don’t use unsophisticated commercial pen-test tools to undermine your enterprise security—they leverage the smartest code breakers money can buy to footprint and damage your organization’s brand by using advanced methods that have yet to be mediated in the market space. Amiseq’s industry experience helps our clients consistently stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats.
  • As a home for highly skilled and experienced computer security professionals—Amiseq attracts people who contribute to the growing body of the security industry.