Yes! Digital Transformation… let us discover!

Digital transformation isn’t a new thing in the industry. It has been there for a while and every industry has its own take and pace on digital transformation. Some pick up digital transformation very seriously and therefore look at the future and be prepared to face the customer and competition. Some does not define their strategy/goals on digital transformation. You can eventually see them not being able to manage neither the customer nor the competition.

So what would make a strong digital transformation agenda?

No organization and department runs without business process (documented/undocumented). A strong digital transformation strategy should certainly look/re-look at the current business processes and the potential areas of improvements.

I call it discovery ! that’s a typical cliché isn’t it….?  It is certainly not a cliché. It is indeed an essential part of re-looking at any business process.

When you look at a process it should essentially be to measure the current performance, know the challenges, further look at opportunities and identify ways to improve/change.

A process may look very lengthy, but remember that no process is big. There is certainly a way to break it down into smaller sub processes. If we get to do that, then there will be lot of serendipitous moments for the team/stakeholders… this is what I call as discovery.

I have a structured way to guide you through your digital transformation agenda of looking/re-looking at your business process in order to bring in more efficiency to the process, be it savings on time/effort or a suggestion on change in direction. It can even lead you to consider Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI). Which is truly looking into the future!

If you are interested to learn more do reach out to me. I will help you to see the glimpse of your future business process

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