How much would you like adding intelligence to your document processing?

There are not many industries that does not deal with document. Documents are collected and processed for various reasons to satisfy your business and compliance needs.

With that comes lot of challenges. Isn’t it?

Enterprise ends up collecting/processing different types of documents – structured documents, unstructured documents, semi-structured and most unfavorable handwritten.


Simply because this document processing has been there for a while and most of the time not much thought was given to it on the kind of productivity that an enterprise is losing. 

Most of the enterprise have traditional OCRs in place. 

Are they efficient? 

About 30% of the documents are being managed by traditional OCRs and out which there are so many exceptions that the operations team handles through manual processing. The rest 70% are manually processed. 

Some of the critical challenges to highlight when processing documents:

  1. It is time consuming
  2. It is error prone
  3. It is mundane/repetitive
  4. Not being able to handle multiple variations in the same process
  5. There are limitations with the traditional OCR 
    • It cannot learn from the errors. If a letter O is detected as number 0 there is no way for the traditional OCR to learn
    • Change in coordinates will have major impacts

You might as well argue that, the OCR in the ecosystem is very efficient for my current needs. 


  • It does not give the last mile automation that is required to complete the process. 
  • It lacks intelligence where it cannot learn and make course correction over a period 
  • It cannot accommodate a minor change in the document structure, or it cannot handle different variations of documents
  • It cannot interpret natural language
  • It cannot do image detection and classification

How about the ability to do image classification and detection?

You might have seen Facebook, Google, Pinterest able to identify people’s faces, perform image-based searches… how is it happening? There is intense training of image classification and detection algorithms. That were trained by the users over and over. 

Imagine a car crash claim being processed by such a technique.

Imagine classification and tagging of search keys, product details in taxonomy building and search key enhancement.  Aren’t you limited with the usage of traditional OCRs.

In a way, I think traditional OCRs are holding us from being innovative.

Intelligent Document processing can help in classifying documents from your mailrooms, extract content, process the content, make decisions, push it to another system, send emails, or pass it to a manual queue to process classify, tag etc.,

There are many areas of your business where you can apply Intelligent Automation.


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