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Managed Services

Amiseq’s Managed Services in Intelligent Automation extend beyond implementation, focusing on sustained value and adaptability to business shifts through continuous improvement, strategic change management, and the development of Centers of Excellence (COE). These services are grounded in a data-driven approach to continuously measure and optimize automation performance, aligning with changing business needs and strategic objectives. Amiseq places a strong emphasis on effective change management, preparing the workforce for technological adoption, and facilitating smooth transitions to foster a culture of continuous improvement. Additionally, establishing an Automation COE is central to our strategy, serving as a hub for expertise, best practices, and governance to ensure deep integration of automation within the organization. This comprehensive approach aims to transform businesses for operational excellence and a competitive edge in the dynamic digital landscape.

What we do

Measure and Optimize

Product Implementation forms the cornerstone of our Professional Services, where our team of expert automation engineers works closely with your organization to deploy sophisticated automation solutions. We focus on a seamless transition, ensuring that the implemented product not only aligns with your operational requirements but also enhances efficiency and productivity across the board. Our implementation process is meticulous, designed to minimize disruption and maximize the value delivered from day one.

Setting up of Automation COE

At Amiseq, the Setting up of Automation COE represents our commitment to embedding automation deeply within your organizational fabric. A COE acts as a hub of expertise, best practices, and governance, guiding the strategic direction of your automation journey. By establishing a COE, we help you build internal capabilities, ensure standardization across initiatives, and foster innovation, making your business more agile and responsive to market demands

What we do

Change Management

Change Management is critical in navigating the organizational transformations that come with adopting new technologies. Our approach focuses on preparing your workforce for change, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and ensuring smooth transitions. By prioritizing clear communication, training, and stakeholder engagement, we mitigate challenges and enhance the acceptance and effectiveness of automation technologies across your organization.