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Tailored Solutions for Your Automation Journey - Integrated and Standalone Services to Propel Your Success.


Integrated & Standalone services 

Amiseq’s suite of Integrated and Standalone Solutions in Intelligent Automation focuses on empowering businesses to maximize automation technologies. With offerings centered on developing Automation Centers of Excellence (CoE) and utilizing methodologies like Rapid Transformation through Automation (RTA), alongside advanced tools such as Process Discovery and Process Mining, Amiseq aims to enhance business processes, drive efficiency, and foster innovation. We offer both an Outsourced CoE service, providing expertise and infrastructure without the in-house overhead, and a Hybrid CoE model that blends in-house and outsourced expertise for rapid automation strategy deployment. Process Discovery and Mining deliver insights into operations, highlighting areas for automation and optimization. Amiseq’s approach is designed to support businesses in their digital transformation journey, creating a sustainable ecosystem for continuous improvement and positioning them for success in the digital era.

Automation Center of Excellence

Automation Center of Excellence as a Service (Outsourced CoE) provides businesses with the expertise and infrastructure needed to implement and manage automation initiatives without the overhead of building an in-house CoE. This outsourced model allows for rapid deployment of automation strategies, access to best practices, and the ability to scale efforts efficiently. Our CoE as a Service acts as an extension of your team, ensuring that you have continuous access to specialized knowledge, strategic guidance, and the latest in automation technologies

Rapid Transformation
through Automation

Integration Services are vital to realizing the full potential of automation technologies within your existing IT ecosystem. We specialize in creating harmonious connections between new automation solutions and your current systems, ensuring data flows seamlessly and processes are optimized across your organization. This holistic integration capability enables us to deliver solutions that are not just powerful in isolation but also amplify the effectiveness of your existing technology investments.

Process Discovery
and Process Mining

Process Discovery and Process Mining are integral components of our solutions, providing deep insights into your business operations. By identifying high-impact areas for automation and analyzing process efficiencies, we lay the groundwork for transformative change. Process Discovery helps in pinpointing specific processes that can benefit from automation, while Process Mining uses data from your existing IT systems to uncover inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and opportunities for optimization.