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Incognito Services

In today’s digital landscape, where threats evolve at an alarming pace, safeguarding your organization’s sensitive data isn’t just a priority—it’s imperative. Our team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals is dedicated to fortifying your defenses, mitigating risks, and empowering your business to thrive securely. From comprehensive risk assessments to cutting-edge threat detection and incident response, we tailor our services to your unique needs, ensuring that your digital assets remain protected against even the most sophisticated cyber threats. Trust Amiseq to be your trusted partner in the ever-evolving battle for cybersecurity supremacy.

What we do


Incognito services for Vendors is a Professional Services delivery from Amiseq ‘as you’ to your customers, upholding your brand, your values, your skill levels and work ethics. Amiseq truly understands the challenges technology vendors face in scaling their business. Amiseq’s Incognito exists to address the challenges of agility, scalability and geographic expansion without the risk associated with third-party’s.


Amiseq Cyber security consulting services combine a comprehensive set of methodologies and expertise across various technical areas, including the ability to implement positive cyber security change. Amiseq Consulting services cover on-premise, cloud and operational technology environments and can be leveraged to support transformation programs or meet specific industry requirements to ensure our approach is flexible and can be adapted as your requirements evolve, developing a security-aware culture where organizational needs and objectives are balanced against a clear understanding and appreciation of applicable and emerging cyber threats. Across our consulting teams, we have extensive expertise On-premise, On-cloud, critical infrastructure and applications, operational technology, Endpoint Technologies, cyber threat intelligence and incident response.

vCISO is a completely flexible solution tailored to your exact needs. In today’s ever more cmmmonnected world, small to medium enterprises face a frightening battle against sophisticated cyber threats at a time when the availability of information security experts is at an all-time low. Small and medium sized business often struggle to justify the cost for a Chief Information Officer which is where Amiseq vCISO comes in.