Don’t let your company be tomorrow’s headline!

Fix tomorrow’s threats today!

HALO is the new standard in cybersecurity testing. A dedicated, ethical team of cybersecurity professionals drawn from four continents, combining red team, attack and penetration testing skills. Cutting edge security services with specializations in offensive practices, infrastructure assessments, application security and architecture assessments.


Unequaled as a trusted adviser to our clients, HALO goes far beyond off-the-shelf code scanning tools performing gap analysis on information security policies and protocols.

We conduct in-depth analysis of information systems, software architecture, and source code by using the dark web’s leading threat intelligence vectors.

With multiple zero-day advisories, HALO leverages the smartest code breakers money can buy to analyze your threat footprint, providing remediation today for the threats your competition will face tomorrow.

Our HALO Clients:

National finance, oman

Infrastructure and Application Pentest at National Finance, Oman

Infrastructure and Application Pentest atBank Sohar, Oman


3 projects on Application and Infrastructure Pentest for Yasref, KSA


2 projects on Pentest & Vulnerability Assessment for Airtel Africa

AMISEQ Client 5

3 years project on Application and Infrastructure Pentest for Petroleum Development Oman

Pentest & Vulnerability Assessment for Al Nabooda Auto in Dubai


Mobile application Pentest for Ooredoo Oman

OICT Sohar, Oman

Infrastructure and Application Pentest at OICT, Sohar Oman