When the whole world was struggling to get into a lockdown, there was a revolution happening in working model – Work From Home. Many organizations gave special lumpsum to help them setup their WFH. People have realized that WFH isn’t a difficult thing rather it is helping to save cost for the employers.

We are going to fight a new battle of loss in productivity, inability to monitor the outcomes, lack of accountability for the sake of work from home because work from home is here to stay.

You may argue, many reports have suggested increase in productivity. I do not think it is because we want to spend the life in front of laptops/desktops/phones. This pandemic has pushed all of us to sit inside without social interactions, created the fear of job loss. It looks like suddenly, a pandemic came and pushed us to live in the future. We can witness many areas of work being done from home without much issues all it need is some incentives to make it work even better. But are these measures good enough for the next decade?

With more than 36% of my poll respondents mentioning pandemic is not over while equal number of respondents said there are enterprises investing on Intelligent automation during this pandemic.

Why should you ignore automation citing the pandemic?

The pressure on sustaining the business, reduced customer demand and spend – are these not a temporary slowdown? Is this the way the entire business is going to survive for the next 5 years? Certainly not.

If this situation is not going to last like this, we should consider this slowdown as a golden opportunity to identify the loose ends of the process and tighten them up with intelligent automation.

By refusing to look at opportunities, we are forcing our business into a spiral that goes inward. It is high time to think about automation, start discussing with business functions and lay out your vision and come up with a plan. One thing to remember it is your vision and you do not let anyone else craft it.

You may already have an IT vendor helping you with your systems. Give a shout out to them asking for any identified opportunities. While you are doing so, consider the number of SMBs who can put your interest in front and carry it forward shoulder to shoulder. Adding multiple complex invasive automation in an ever-changing systems environment will certainly blindsight the opportunities your enterprise is missing.

Put your structured and un-structured data to work for the best interest of your business using Intelligent Automation. Free-up your operations to become knowledge workers not data entry workers for the sake of data transfer and to apply rule-based decision. Intelligent Automation can help you in a wide spectrum of your business from customer acquisition to servicing your customers.

Do not wait for the pandemic to be gone… it is not an excuse for spending less or no time on automation!